James and Laura came across our work via our feature on "Rock my Wedding". As residents of the same community (Hackney we heart you) we where thrilled to receive the enquiry for a potential local client. 

As wedding photographers, we value our time meeting all enquires. It matters not to us if it be through Skype or in person, we truly believe it enables us to deliver  better work on our behalf as we understand and learn from our clients vibes.

It's always nervous for me meeting new clients, I enjoy the thrill and the anticipation of each new character I am greeted by, Andy on the other hand thrives when meeting new people, in a true Scottish way!

James and Laura where a very cool couple, as we suspected, Laura had the most stunning cowboy boots on and James was adorned in silver rings, accompanied by long free hair, of which Andy had sudden pangs of envy having recently chopped his off for a new shorter style. We instantly felt the attraction to this Hackney residing couple, as did they and the booking was arranged.

The Barbican was to be our venue, and oh my what a place! If you have never experienced London's Barbican then clear your schedule and make your way down. Andy is architectural lover, so much so he based his BA studies on such, and the Barbican is one of his "must sees". The couple met us there and my my did they stand out from the very busy day at the Barbican. Laura this time in a unique leather tasseled jacket, I personally adore tassels! But it was a very overcrowded day, and I would never want my clients to be pushed or feel awkward to be photographed in such a public display. We didn't give up and after some hunting found a delightful private area, perfect for the couple.

Laura and James where a dream to shoot, starting slow and allowing space for them to feel comfortable eventually we moved to the more public conservatory and we are so pleased with the entire experience. 

Well, here it is for you to have a peek! 


Laura's jacket: Fleetwood of London

Location: Barbican Centre