Char + Mark Snow Day

Feeling inspired by the beautiful landscape of the recent winter snow that layered our soil, you may have seen that I was searching for a couple to shoot and play with in this winter wonderland. Char and Mark where the perfect couple and we couldn't have been more happy they wanted to work with us too! 

But mother nature is her own wild woman and on our arranged winter snow fun day shoot, the sun decided to creep out and the snow began to melt! But, as the in all good show business, we simply said snow "The Show must go on" and we prevailed. 

We found our own little patch and began to work our magic, Char and Mark where excellent bravo bravo! Singing loving songs to each other, getting damp feet (Char you need Dr Martens) lots of embracing, kissing and giggling. Our little dog Bonnie on the other hand was not a fan of the damp day, patiently waiting getting wee cold paws so decided to do some excellent photo bombing to make sure she wasn't forgotten. 

Well here is my almost snow has all gone snowy couples shoot.

Hope you enjoyed the snow as much as we all. x