Ruth & Sam

So here is the wedding of the sweetest little couple. I posted there engagement shoot a while ago and I decided it was high time to finally post there beautiful wedding. Andy and I loved meeting them on there engagement shoot and we where really looking forward to capturing there wedding day and we new it was going to be easy and breezy and lovely because that is exactly what these two where like.

I feel really very lucky and overwhelmed when people select me and andy as there photographers. I know it is such a massive decision for a couple to make and a long list of things you need to look for as a bride and groom. You need to find: someone who you get on with. Someone that you trust. Someone that has the style that suits your wedding. Someone that you can afford. Someone that you know will fit in to your wedding day. Someone that is me... hee hee. Even when i get the dreaded 'oh we found a different photographer' I am always so happy for the couple that they found someone that will really work for them. I mean your photographs are all you have left as your memory at the end of the day, so take time and makes sure you pick right.

 check out Ruth and Sam's wedding day to help you decided I am the photographer for you.