Hello you two cuties.

Another couple, another engagement shoot and another set of super cute pictures !

Sometimes I think “man, are these shoots worth doing?”. It can be a lot of trouble trying to find a time that fits around both the clients and my own work schedule, especially as I work most weekends shooting weddings. But,once I find a time that works for everyone, I get to capture a set of images like the ones from my fun day with Ruth and Sam, and it all becomes so worth it! Not just because the couple are happy with their images, but because I get to spend time with them. We have so much fun and both the couple and my self become even more excited for their wedding day. 

I initially started doing these shoots so on their wedding day the couple would be comfortable with me and Andy following them around with big cameras strapped to our faces. It’s now become more than that. It helps me to build up a friendship and  trust between us and the couple, ultimately leading to better photos.

Well here is Ruth and Sam's day out in Oxford. Let me know what you think! Stay in touch, whether it be for wedding inspiration cause your a massive fan of my photography skills or you just love everything pretty - I have lots of lovely lovely weddings coming your way!