I want a photo at the top of that mountain please.

Meg and Sam, why have I taken so long to share your wedding with the world? I do not have a clue, it is one of the most beautiful bride and groom sessions I have ever done mainly because this was a very important part of their wedding day. They had really thought about it, and it really shows in the images we produced for them. Not only was this my first time in Wales it was the first time I had a bride take me to a massive mountain while in her wedding dress and say "up at the top of the mountain that is where I would like my photos please" so Meg hitched up her masssssssive dress kept her dainty little shoes on and off we went. There was nothing stopping Meg on her mission to get to the top. It was the best thing I have ever seen. Andy, Sam (the groom) and I followed Meg till we all found a spot we agreeded on. There was plenty of weekend stollers walking up and down the Mountain in all the proper gear... and then there was Meg and Sam. 

The view was breath taking, I was like a kid in a candy shop I just could not wait to get started. On one side of us we had the beautiful greenery of the Welsh valley's and on the other side of us was this amazing cliff that opened out onto the  sea. Well done Meg and Sam, you have done me proud, this was a dream location for any wedding photographer. When we started shooting the wind started to pick up and I was like yipeeee! this is going to be great I love the wind,  I love how it adds movement to veils and dress's and adds an extra dramtic look, just what we needed whilst standing on the edge of a cliff. When we had finshed our session on the Mountain we started to come down, we where running a little late for the reception, I hate to be late for things. But I saw this little pebbly beached area right at the foot of the mountain just before you got to the beach and I was like please give me 5 mins you wont regret it. I knew meg would not be able to get across in her shoes so I kicked off my shoes and gave them to her so she could walk steadly across the pebbles. I was so glad we stopped it only took about 2-3 mins tops and  I knew that we had found the shot of the day. 

Not only did we get them to the reception on time but we got them some of my best work. I am just going to share here the 'mountain top shoot'  but their complete wedding is in my portfolio so please go ahead and take a look. 

If you have any comments or Questions of how I did anything please ask I would be happy to share.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

Much love,

Meghan Lorna