New Year

Happy New Year even though I am about a month late, clearly my new years resolutions are going vey well... not. Resolution Number 6. Must Blog more. 

So it is now February and here we are I am finally blogging. Pat on the back to me. What to show you first, I was looking back over the amazing couples who's weddings I got to photographer along with Andy in 2015 and of course I came across Paige and Zeke's wedding. The reason I have such a soft spot for this wedding couple is because i got to go on such a journey with them. We did two really fun engagement shoots which is in my 'engagement' section, we did a paint fight and then some beautiful images of them hanging out in the woods near where Paige grew up. This made photographing there wedding so fun and relaxed, it was like we had been friends for years and they where so at ease with having us. Engagement shoots are so fun for you to be able to get to know each other, i think it is a must have thing to do with your photographer. Thats why I now offer a complimentary engagement shoot with every wedding package.
 Paige and Zeke's wedding was so magical it was down in Surrey and they had a very romantic ring ceremony outside. the day was lovely and so where all there guests. There reception was in a barn which they had decorated very english with bunting and wild flowers. For food they had a help yourself buffet hog roast, and cup cakes for later. It was so chilled and very relaxed they had a wonderful day and i am so pleased we captured it all for them. One of my favourite things about there wedding that i think came out very well is there family photo's, i found an amazing space and had the bride and groom sit whilst i popped guests and family in and out. I have added there full wedding to my website where here is a little peek on the good old Blog.
Thanks for checking me out i appreciate it comment and like please i would love to hear from you.