That Moment.

So as an artist you always doubt yourself, expect better things from yourself its a gift and a burden at the same time. My boyfriend says thats what makes me a good photographer, because i am always striving to do and be better. Being given the responsibility of photographing someones wedding is the biggest and most scariest thing ever, almost like how scared Indiana Jones is of snakes. But its okay to be scared and worried i think this is what makes us greater and strive to be better. If i didn't have doubt and worry i recon i would never work as hard as i do to prove myself wrong and get the best images i can. I am pretty sure that even a brain surgeon goes into an operation a little worried, this worry and doubt is what makes us preform better, cause we are conscious of not making any mistakes. So i for one are glad for that.

When you are shooting anything from cats to babies, landscapes to Fashion, you always have that moment when you are like WOW i did it. Even if it is just one image it doesn't matter you have set your standard which means next time thats the one for you to beat and this will help you to improve and build a strong folio. I used to sit for hours looking at other people work feeling i am not good enough, but you can't do this you cannot compare yourself to others for everyones got there own style and way. Yes defiantly look at others work for inspiration but don't feel your not good enough, you can only better yourself from where you are.

Below is one of my WOW images, you make look at it and think meh, its okay. But for me this was the moment i thought oh maybe i can do weddings. I think this was either my third or fourth wedding, i felt i had been faking it a little and wasn't doing the best i could i was worried i was a failure because i was doing weddings and i wasn't doing way i wanted to do that was fashion. This image changed all that. This is the first time i realised i can combined fashion with weddings. Find what you want your style to be embrace it, this is what will define you and set you above the rest. Individuality.