Sunny Side up

Hello! Welcome thanks for taking a look at my blog. Just want to let you know what I have been up to the past few months. A lot has happened launching yourself is hard work. I have an advert coming out in Bridal magazine in the UK which i am super excited about. But haven't got to see it yet as I am still in Australia. I got the privilege of shoot a beautiful wedding at Flaxton Gardens in QLD, it was a beautiful hot day, a beautiful couple and a wonderful party. We where really spoilt for choice with locations, i couldn't believe how green Australia is!! coming originally from scotland i am sued to green green green everywhere and I had the image of Aus being super orange and sandy and dirty in my head but i got to go up the mountains near the Glass Mountains in Sunshine Coast and take in some breathe taking views… I love it when nature makes your job as a photographer that bit easier.


Below are some images of the Bride and Groom. This is my favourite part of the day when I get to sneak off with the love birds and witness true love first hand. LOOK AT THE VIEW… oh hello!! How lucky am I, yes yes Ben and Helaina are pretty yummy as well but your surroundings and what you do with them can make or break an image. I will do a small tutorial on how I place people what I do when i get to a location and how I make sure none of these images get leaked on social media by guests, these are the money shots, this is where you as a photographer get to create all the love and happiness you see into a few stills.