Making Family photos fun.

The Hardest Part of shooting a wedding for me is the Family group shots! - until I met Hannah and David.

Trying to organise the wedding guests into their group shot can prove challenging, when all they really want to do is drink, eat and chat. This is the only time I pull up my socks and get a little bossy, (I have been told I am to nice, even when i think i am being bossy) but this side of me doesn't last for long. My goal for this part of the wedding is to always keep a cheeky wee grin on my face and always be nice, Even if Uncle Bob has gone missing.

Making fun! I got to shoot an amazing low key stunningly beautiful wedding this summer (oh and the couple were not to bad on the eyes either). They had some really fun ideas specially when it came to the family group shots, as soon as I saw what they wanted to do I was like WAHOOOO!! . The had created a little out door living room for their friends and family to stand in. They gave me free range to do what I could wanted,

Here is what I did. I decided to start with the groom and bride as the centre point and not have them move and slowly build it up having everyone in the shot standing and not moving in any old space they wanted to go in, and just kept filling in the gaps with people. It was so much fun and once the guests figured it out it went really quickly. Below is the GIF. which I sent to the couple before They got there wedding images as a little treat. As soon as I saw the space I knew I wanted to make a GIF but kept it as a surprise for them. There is always method to the madness. Having people trust you completely and a little scary, but always remember they wouldn't have hired you if they didn't think you could do it.

Get your Gif on

Get your Gif on

 weddings can be fun. You get to pinch little nuggets of fun and use them in other weddings. People are amazing and have such good ideas always listen to what the bride and groom want, they can come up with really fun stuff. But make sure you put your own little spin on it.

Meghan Lorna