Pregnancy and a Happy Birthday.

I am writing this as a little happy birthday to one of my dearest and most beautiful Mumma friends. Whom I studied this wonderful thing called photography with many many moons ago it feels like. I was so honoured that she did my maternity shoot when I was pregnant with Boye last year... and honestly I have never felt so beautiful than when I saw these pictures she did of me.

So you can imagine that I was over the moon when she asked.. well more like I begged and pleaded and said I would not be her friend if she did not let me do some for her. She already has  little Ettie and is about to have number two. I had so much fun doing these images for her and it helps that her house is so cool. This is about the 4th maternity shoot I have had the chance to do and I have to say I really love doing them seeing these women just glowing is the best thing ever.

Let me know what you think of my work and if it is something I should do a bit more of? always love feed back. Or what you think about Maternity shoots... yeah or nay?

From marriage to Family.

Alexis and Joel ask me to photograph their wedding back in 2011 which was ruddy brilliant. Since then they have had two little babies and I love that they ask me back to photograph there little growing family. 

I do not often do family portraits or maternity but when I am asked by a couple I love I can hardly say no. I had so much fun photographing them we got to go into the woods in Sweden on a warm autumn afternoon and hang out with there wee ones. I really really love working with natural light and I love that every country has its own light. Its like getting a whole new pot of paints to work with.

Any ways have a look and let me know what you think.

Ruth & Sam

So here is the wedding of the sweetest little couple. I posted there engagement shoot a while ago and I decided it was high time to finally post there beautiful wedding. Andy and I loved meeting them on there engagement shoot and we where really looking forward to capturing there wedding day and we new it was going to be easy and breezy and lovely because that is exactly what these two where like.

I feel really very lucky and overwhelmed when people select me and andy as there photographers. I know it is such a massive decision for a couple to make and a long list of things you need to look for as a bride and groom. You need to find: someone who you get on with. Someone that you trust. Someone that has the style that suits your wedding. Someone that you can afford. Someone that you know will fit in to your wedding day. Someone that is me... hee hee. Even when i get the dreaded 'oh we found a different photographer' I am always so happy for the couple that they found someone that will really work for them. I mean your photographs are all you have left as your memory at the end of the day, so take time and makes sure you pick right.

 check out Ruth and Sam's wedding day to help you decided I am the photographer for you.

I love to cry at weddings

This has to hands down be the most emotional wedding Andy and I have ever shot. There was so many tears of complete happiness and love, I feel so honoured to have got to document Teresa and Martin wedding day. There out door ceremony in the middle of a family neighbours field was breathe taking. They had friends camping, bridges built, Marquees put up, hogs roasting, cakes made by friends and family and a cheese board cake.

The first time I met these two we just clicked instantly and I got super excited for there wedding. Everything the described they where going to do happened and it was magical. so chilled and relaxed and full of family and friends that you could clearly see meant the world to them.

I hope that you can see all of this in the images of there wedding below So happy to finally get around to sharing these.   

Hello you two cuties.

Another couple, another engagement shoot and another set of super cute pictures !

Sometimes I think “man, are these shoots worth doing?”. It can be a lot of trouble trying to find a time that fits around both the clients and my own work schedule, especially as I work most weekends shooting weddings. But,once I find a time that works for everyone, I get to capture a set of images like the ones from my fun day with Ruth and Sam, and it all becomes so worth it! Not just because the couple are happy with their images, but because I get to spend time with them. We have so much fun and both the couple and my self become even more excited for their wedding day. 

I initially started doing these shoots so on their wedding day the couple would be comfortable with me and Andy following them around with big cameras strapped to our faces. It’s now become more than that. It helps me to build up a friendship and  trust between us and the couple, ultimately leading to better photos.

Well here is Ruth and Sam's day out in Oxford. Let me know what you think! Stay in touch, whether it be for wedding inspiration cause your a massive fan of my photography skills or you just love everything pretty - I have lots of lovely lovely weddings coming your way!

First London Wedding

After living in London for the past 5 years I finally got to photograph my first wedding in the big city! Even better, the wedding was in my very own borough of Hackney, just a hop, skip and a jump away in the lovely, ever trendy, Stoke Newington. I was so excited to do this wedding.

 I never got the chance to meet with either the bride or groom prior to the big day, but through our exchanges of emails I knew they would be lovely. Andy and Sarah gave Andy and I free range with the photos and were up for anything we threw at them. The day was so chilled. Starting with a beautiful Town Hall ceremony and a quick walk around the corner to the reception in "The Londesborough" pub. Their wedding had a country feeling, but with the magic of the big city mixed in. 

Andy and I were so happy we got to meet this lovely couple, even more so when we found out Andy (the groom) was an extremely talented fashion photographer. Their wedding was full of photographers! I'm not going to lie, we did pee ourselves a little bit, being surround by such talented photographers, but you just have to get on with it. We were both so honoured that such a talented man had trusted us with his special day. 

I would just like to thank Andy and Sarah for being the perfect Bride and Groom and for being so much fun to photograph and to also congratulate them on the exciting news they shared - that they were expecting ! So congratulations to Mr & Mrs Eaton on becoming Newly Wed's and (soon to be) Superb Parents!


Engaged to be married.

 2016 so far has already been really exciting for me. I got to take part in my first wedding fair which was the Vintage wedding fair here in London. I met some  really amazing couples and already have some bookings, which means this year is the first year I get to properly roll out my complimentary engagement shoots with every wedding package. So  Exciting! This is such a great way to make your wedding that tiny bit more exciting and more personal on the day. At these shoots we are able to get to know each other and for you as a couple to become familiar with me as a photographer which means a much more relaxing wedding day shoot! (What bride and groom don't want that!) You already know the quality of photographs you will receive and I know the things to do and say to get the very best from you, all you have to do is worry about being loved up and gorgeous.  Needless to say I enjoy doing these shoots, as any time spent getting to know you two together only helps me think about your big day and how to capture those special moments for you that are personal to you. It does not have to be anything fancy or over the top it can simply be going to your favourite place. I know as a wife and being engaged it was a pretty fun and exciting time and it is so nice to have these images for the future. It helps you to forget about all the stress of planning the wedding and helps you to take time out with your hubby or wifey to be and enjoy this experience. And its so nice to have even more pictures by me hanging up around your house haha!

So my first victims of the year where the ever so lovely Adam and Tola. They are getting married this August and I am so excited that I am also getting to photograph there wedding, specially after their engagement shoot, it was so much fun. We just simply went to some of their favourite places where Adam lives, (with help from his mum), and we got some really good images personal to their relationship to announce their engagement to their family and friends. We had so much fun! I even got socking wet feet getting that perfect shot for them! Such dedication. 

Before the shoot we briefly discussed what they would be wearing and the locations. Each of them brought a couple of outfit changes and then we picked what we thought would work best in each location. We did two looks for them a casual look, were they could relax, and then bit more dressier look as they wanted some options. It was easy peasy an they are so in love and so happy to do anything I ask them. Trust in your photographer is so important you have to be able to trust your photographer because getting your picture taken is such a weird thing.. I even find it a little weird. I hate getting my photo taken but when there is someone behind the camera who I feel knows what they are doing and feels confident in bringing the best out of me I will do anything they say. This is why I feel engagement shoot are so important. This means on your wedding day you will already be confident that you know me and know what I am doing and that I can make you feel safe and happy, confident in the end result, and that's the most important thing after all. 

Any ways that is enough blabbing below are the images, enjoy! 

I want a photo at the top of that mountain please.

Meg and Sam, why have I taken so long to share your wedding with the world? I do not have a clue, it is one of the most beautiful bride and groom sessions I have ever done mainly because this was a very important part of their wedding day. They had really thought about it, and it really shows in the images we produced for them. Not only was this my first time in Wales it was the first time I had a bride take me to a massive mountain while in her wedding dress and say "up at the top of the mountain that is where I would like my photos please" so Meg hitched up her masssssssive dress kept her dainty little shoes on and off we went. There was nothing stopping Meg on her mission to get to the top. It was the best thing I have ever seen. Andy, Sam (the groom) and I followed Meg till we all found a spot we agreeded on. There was plenty of weekend stollers walking up and down the Mountain in all the proper gear... and then there was Meg and Sam. 

The view was breath taking, I was like a kid in a candy shop I just could not wait to get started. On one side of us we had the beautiful greenery of the Welsh valley's and on the other side of us was this amazing cliff that opened out onto the  sea. Well done Meg and Sam, you have done me proud, this was a dream location for any wedding photographer. When we started shooting the wind started to pick up and I was like yipeeee! this is going to be great I love the wind,  I love how it adds movement to veils and dress's and adds an extra dramtic look, just what we needed whilst standing on the edge of a cliff. When we had finshed our session on the Mountain we started to come down, we where running a little late for the reception, I hate to be late for things. But I saw this little pebbly beached area right at the foot of the mountain just before you got to the beach and I was like please give me 5 mins you wont regret it. I knew meg would not be able to get across in her shoes so I kicked off my shoes and gave them to her so she could walk steadly across the pebbles. I was so glad we stopped it only took about 2-3 mins tops and  I knew that we had found the shot of the day. 

Not only did we get them to the reception on time but we got them some of my best work. I am just going to share here the 'mountain top shoot'  but their complete wedding is in my portfolio so please go ahead and take a look. 

If you have any comments or Questions of how I did anything please ask I would be happy to share.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

Much love,

Meghan Lorna

New Year

Happy New Year even though I am about a month late, clearly my new years resolutions are going vey well... not. Resolution Number 6. Must Blog more. 

So it is now February and here we are I am finally blogging. Pat on the back to me. What to show you first, I was looking back over the amazing couples who's weddings I got to photographer along with Andy in 2015 and of course I came across Paige and Zeke's wedding. The reason I have such a soft spot for this wedding couple is because i got to go on such a journey with them. We did two really fun engagement shoots which is in my 'engagement' section, we did a paint fight and then some beautiful images of them hanging out in the woods near where Paige grew up. This made photographing there wedding so fun and relaxed, it was like we had been friends for years and they where so at ease with having us. Engagement shoots are so fun for you to be able to get to know each other, i think it is a must have thing to do with your photographer. Thats why I now offer a complimentary engagement shoot with every wedding package.
 Paige and Zeke's wedding was so magical it was down in Surrey and they had a very romantic ring ceremony outside. the day was lovely and so where all there guests. There reception was in a barn which they had decorated very english with bunting and wild flowers. For food they had a help yourself buffet hog roast, and cup cakes for later. It was so chilled and very relaxed they had a wonderful day and i am so pleased we captured it all for them. One of my favourite things about there wedding that i think came out very well is there family photo's, i found an amazing space and had the bride and groom sit whilst i popped guests and family in and out. I have added there full wedding to my website where here is a little peek on the good old Blog.
Thanks for checking me out i appreciate it comment and like please i would love to hear from you.