James and Laura came across our work via our feature on "Rock my Wedding". As residents of the same community (Hackney we heart you) we where thrilled to receive the enquiry for a potential local client. 

As wedding photographers, we value our time meeting all enquires. It matters not to us if it be through Skype or in person, we truly believe it enables us to deliver  better work on our behalf as we understand and learn from our clients vibes.

It's always nervous for me meeting new clients, I enjoy the thrill and the anticipation of each new character I am greeted by, Andy on the other hand thrives when meeting new people, in a true Scottish way!

James and Laura where a very cool couple, as we suspected, Laura had the most stunning cowboy boots on and James was adorned in silver rings, accompanied by long free hair, of which Andy had sudden pangs of envy having recently chopped his off for a new shorter style. We instantly felt the attraction to this Hackney residing couple, as did they and the booking was arranged.

The Barbican was to be our venue, and oh my what a place! If you have never experienced London's Barbican then clear your schedule and make your way down. Andy is architectural lover, so much so he based his BA studies on such, and the Barbican is one of his "must sees". The couple met us there and my my did they stand out from the very busy day at the Barbican. Laura this time in a unique leather tasseled jacket, I personally adore tassels! But it was a very overcrowded day, and I would never want my clients to be pushed or feel awkward to be photographed in such a public display. We didn't give up and after some hunting found a delightful private area, perfect for the couple.

Laura and James where a dream to shoot, starting slow and allowing space for them to feel comfortable eventually we moved to the more public conservatory and we are so pleased with the entire experience. 

Well, here it is for you to have a peek! 


Laura's jacket: Fleetwood of London

Location: Barbican Centre


Colourful-DIY-Floral- Extravaganza

Introducing the wedding of

Katt and Dave!


We are thrilled to be able to share this wedding highlight with you today and even more ecstatic that Rock my Wedding has featured it on their blog, clearly a wedding not to be missed!

Instantly upon meeting the Duo, we knew that their wedding was going to be one of a kind, we started at the pairs flat which had dinosaur toilet paper, that alone should have been a hint at what was in store!

From start to finish on Katt and Daves big day, Andy and I felt like kids let loose in a candy store. As I entered the Manor Barn where the reception would be held, I ran around till I found Andy and we both did a little dance within its insanity of coolness ( of course our super cool dance was done in private, we are professionals after all) 

It was in the small acts that made this wedding so much fun, The wedding invitations for example included seeds to grow your own marrow, which was judged by "The Grannies" and  The vastly talented Bride had taken the time to draw individual portraits of each of her a guests as a wedding favour, a touch of personal quality we could not forget.



We will forever be grateful for the creative Katt and Dave in selecting us to capture their wondrous day, 



Cake Sugar Blossom Cakes Co. - Prop Hire Dolly's Vintage Tea Party - Wedding Banner Emma Denby - Florist The Manor Florist - Venue The Manor Barn - Grooms suit Paul Smith - Bridesmaids Asos - Bridal Makeup Star Beauty - Bridal Boutique Carlas Brides - Jewellery J.Lingnau - Stationary

Dreamland with Katt + Dave

I am so so so so so excited to

Introduce Katt and Daves' 

'Rock The Frock'


What an exciting journey with this couple of cuties we have been able to experience. Firstly their Engagement shoot, Second came the wedding day, and then we where asked again to rock the frock for a finale. We feel so lucky!  

We first met Katt and Dave at a Wedding Fair in London, and we where thrilled when they picked us as their photographers and even more ecstatic when they approached us again to Rock the frock with them!

Katt and Dave since have moved to New York, but before they moved state side, they managed to wrangled enough time for a mini moon in the trendy Margate. 

We love Margate and often take visits ourself as a family, but have never managed to make it to Dreamland. However this time all our wishes came true, as Dreamland opened their doors and allowed for the ultimate Rock the Frock. The budding couple where escorted privately around the park and perk of all perks even threw in a bit of bubbly to fully enjoy their time! 

Together we captured more of Margates splendour, taking in the day and soaking up the fun.

So here it is; Katt and Dave's Rock the Frock, Enjoy!



ps wondering what rock the frock is? It's the best chance (and excuse) to get all dressed up again, go anywhere you want, as we capture more fantastic playful images of you as a couple! 


Photography: Meghan Lorna

location: Dreamland Margate

dress: Carlas Brides

Hair and makeup: Gemma King

Char + Mark Snow Day

Feeling inspired by the beautiful landscape of the recent winter snow that layered our soil, you may have seen that I was searching for a couple to shoot and play with in this winter wonderland. Char and Mark where the perfect couple and we couldn't have been more happy they wanted to work with us too! 

But mother nature is her own wild woman and on our arranged winter snow fun day shoot, the sun decided to creep out and the snow began to melt! But, as the in all good show business, we simply said snow "The Show must go on" and we prevailed. 

We found our own little patch and began to work our magic, Char and Mark where excellent bravo bravo! Singing loving songs to each other, getting damp feet (Char you need Dr Martens) lots of embracing, kissing and giggling. Our little dog Bonnie on the other hand was not a fan of the damp day, patiently waiting getting wee cold paws so decided to do some excellent photo bombing to make sure she wasn't forgotten. 

Well here is my almost snow has all gone snowy couples shoot.

Hope you enjoyed the snow as much as we all. x

Pregnancy and a Happy Birthday.

I am writing this as a little happy birthday to one of my dearest and most beautiful Mumma friends. Whom I studied this wonderful thing called photography with many many moons ago it feels like. I was so honoured that she did my maternity shoot when I was pregnant with Boye last year... and honestly I have never felt so beautiful than when I saw these pictures she did of me.

So you can imagine that I was over the moon when she asked.. well more like I begged and pleaded and said I would not be her friend if she did not let me do some for her. She already has  little Ettie and is about to have number two. I had so much fun doing these images for her and it helps that her house is so cool. This is about the 4th maternity shoot I have had the chance to do and I have to say I really love doing them seeing these women just glowing is the best thing ever.

Let me know what you think of my work and if it is something I should do a bit more of? always love feed back. Or what you think about Maternity shoots... yeah or nay?

From marriage to Family.

Alexis and Joel ask me to photograph their wedding back in 2011 which was ruddy brilliant. Since then they have had two little babies and I love that they ask me back to photograph there little growing family. 

I do not often do family portraits or maternity but when I am asked by a couple I love I can hardly say no. I had so much fun photographing them we got to go into the woods in Sweden on a warm autumn afternoon and hang out with there wee ones. I really really love working with natural light and I love that every country has its own light. Its like getting a whole new pot of paints to work with.

Any ways have a look and let me know what you think.

Ruth & Sam

So here is the wedding of the sweetest little couple. I posted there engagement shoot a while ago and I decided it was high time to finally post there beautiful wedding. Andy and I loved meeting them on there engagement shoot and we where really looking forward to capturing there wedding day and we new it was going to be easy and breezy and lovely because that is exactly what these two where like.

I feel really very lucky and overwhelmed when people select me and andy as there photographers. I know it is such a massive decision for a couple to make and a long list of things you need to look for as a bride and groom. You need to find: someone who you get on with. Someone that you trust. Someone that has the style that suits your wedding. Someone that you can afford. Someone that you know will fit in to your wedding day. Someone that is me... hee hee. Even when i get the dreaded 'oh we found a different photographer' I am always so happy for the couple that they found someone that will really work for them. I mean your photographs are all you have left as your memory at the end of the day, so take time and makes sure you pick right.

 check out Ruth and Sam's wedding day to help you decided I am the photographer for you.