Who are we?


a little about us

We are Meghan and Andy! We have been married for 5 yrs and together we are firm believers in marriage and LOVE! We met each other studying photography in Scotland, where Meghan sneakily asked Andy to be her assistant before tricking him in to marrying her so she would not have to pay him (smart huh?!) We are blessed with two little people and a dog and currently live in London.

Not to let our name miss lead you, we are defiantly a husband and wife wedding photography team! Both of us could not be happier getting to go on adventures with so many amazing couples documenting their special days for them. We are so humbled to travel the world capturing peoples love stories. and moments. We are grateful to lead a life loving what we do and we doing what we love.

We take so much inspiration from movies, cinematography, fashion and nature. We adore natural light and try to incorporate it much as possible in our work. What ever your journey may be, we are privileged to document it for you. 

Meghan by Andy

Meghan loves being a third wheel that is why she became a wedding photographer. I always wondered what it would be like to work along side a great photographer little did I know I would marry one. Seeing my wife use her skills makes me fall in love with her all over again. Meghan is so passionate about what she does and she invests so much time and love into everything wedding and couple we photograph.



Andy by Meghan

This is Andy and he is honestly the coolest guy I have ever met (maybe i'm biased) He is amazing at everything he does and he has this annoying habit of always thinking he is right. Andy is the kindest husband and the funnest dad to our two littles. He has taught me so much about life and we are always learning from each other. Andy believes in me and supports me in every crazy idea I have. Andy is a huge part of me and my life and we wouldn't be Meghan Lorna without him. 

Our Approach

As a team, we are not fans of jazz hands and saying cheese! However, we are here to document your day as it unfolds telling the story of your wedding through artistic images. We work through trust and co-operation, so we are here for you to create beautiful work with. We want our images to be more than just images to you. They will become memories. Every couple means something very special to us and we cherish the friendships we make with each of you through your journey. 

Capturing you as you brings us joy.